Frequently asked questions - Vendors

How can I register as a vendor?

  1. Download the heydomo app (Available via Playstore and App store)
  2. Create a new account and register as our valued vendor.

What are the documents required to register as a vendor?

  • Good news! No documents are required, however, we still need to have your business details to be included in our system.
  • We also require your bank account details for settlement purposes.

What are the fees?

There is no subscription and registration fees! We only have a transaction fee of 10% + 30𝇍.

Do vendors need to pay for delivery charges as well?

Nope! All delivery charges are covered by customers.

Why is there 30𝇍 in the fee?

The 30𝇍 is for our online gateaway fee.

My opening hours are different from domo. How to accommodate?

We can edit your hours according to your own stores opening hours.

What are the delivery parameters?

  • Our delivery fees vary according to radius.
  • Same day delivery within the same district and next delivery for cross districts.

I’ve registered as a vendor. What’s next?

  • You're almost there! Once you have submitted your registration as a vendor, our vendor support will be in contact with you and will review your registration for approval.
  • We will email you once your registration is approved.

How can I edit my profile and upload my products on domo?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on “my account” and you edit your profile and update your products.

Do we need to collect cash from the drivers?

Nope! All payments made by customers are done online. Vendors do not have to collect payment from the driver because the order has already been paid for.

When can I get my sales payment?

Sales transfer will be done either monthly or weekly via Bank Transfer. Sales transferred will be the final profit after heydomo transaction fee is deducted. Transfer details will be sent via Email or WhatsApp.