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1. Payments

A. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Payments will be made by Domo to Seller on a weekly basis, in respect of Orders that have been delivered or completed by the reconciliation cut-off date. The Order status on Platform may be subject to delays on weekends, public holidays, caused by third parties, or factors outside of Domo’s reasonable control.

B. Fee: The Fee payable shall be calculated based on:

i. the Commission calculated on the Listing Price;

ii. the Payment Fee; and,

iii. if applicable, any Shipping Cost, Cancelation Penalty, Administrative Fee and/or Additional Services Fee.

For the avoidance of doubt, coupons or other unilateral discounts provided by Domo to Buyers are not considered in the Fee calculation. Any taxes, including GST, payable as regards the Services, will be paid by Seller.

C, From time to time, Domo may offer promotional and goodwill rebates or discounts to Seller in respect of any part of the Fee. The terms of such rebate or discount are determined by Domo at its sole discretion. Where required by law, Domo may generate an invoice by the Seller to give effect to the rebate or discount. If Domo is held liable for any taxes on behalf of the Seller, or as a tax agent of the Seller, in connection with any Order or Payment, the Seller will indemnify Domo for such tax liability or compliance costs, irrespective of when the tax liability is assessed.


Special Events

Domo will negotiate special payment schedule with Seller for Special Events. The negotiated payment schedule will supersided normal payment schedule with a limited, define period of time which is agreed between Domo and the Seller.

Transaction fee and Commissions

From time to time, Domo may change transaction fee or commission rates for certain goods and / or categories and / or period of time.

                           * Bank working day

Logistic Charges

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